Vittmo. Elegance in action.

In the fifteenth century, Peter Henlein and other watchmakers from Bavaria began producing the first portable clocks operated with springs. The usefulness of this new invention, as well as the craftsmanship invested in the design of the clock, brought its popularity worldwide. Proof of elegance and efficiency, the portable watch has become an essential accessory for men. Thus, the clock has become a symbol of refined men.

Four centuries later, men began wearing watches in the army as a way to synchronize the attacks. Thus, the clock becomes more than an elegant accessory, evolving into a symbol of masculinity and ingenuity.

Nowadays, bold men need a watch to help them cope with the intensity of life, but also to bring them a touch of distinction. The Vittmo watches bring the solution: they preserve the elegance of the past, adding strength and toughness.

The Vittmo watches are designed for men who do not compromise. Drive fast. Climb a mountain. Swim with sharks. Run a marathon. Sky dive. Everything while having the Vittmo watch on your hand. Resistant in any situation.

Enjoy your passions without worrying about the safety of your watch!